| December 23, 2015

We all know that learning the anatomy and parts of the horse takes time and practice. But as a horse person, once you understand, you never really forget. The non-horse person? Well, let’s just say it’s all Greek to them—which is understandable.

Horse terms, at face value, have very little connection to a reality that makes sense to a non-horse person. The words may sound familiar, but they mean something totally different—and none of it’s pleasant.

‘Withers’ sounds like something plants do in too much sun.

A ‘frog’ is a slimy, amphibious creature that lives in the mud.

‘Croup’ is something sick babies get. Seriously, who names a body part after a sick baby?

Thankfully, our ever-talented graphics team has created a handy little guide to help both you and your non-horse partner/parents/sibling/friends bridge the gap. Grab your popcorn.

 Check out the video :