Tanya Hind

My first encounter with an alterative therapy for animals was about 16 years ago after seeing a demonstration of Equine CranioSacral at Equitana.  This method of treatment was very new to the Australian Equine Industry, but I knew that this is what I wanted to do.

After  training with Maureen Rogers, and completing levels 1 – 4,  I have been working with horses for the past fifteen years. Since then I have added many other modalities to my list of techniques that work in well with CranioSacral therapy which has enhanced the results achieved.

My training has continued completing Equine CranioSacral levels 1 – 4 with the Upledger Institute  in Melbourne, Australia. This allowing me to increase my knowledge and “tool box” of techniques that may be required on a specific injury/trauma past or present that come along with each individual horse.

I am currently studying equine iridology that is going to combine in very well with the craniosacral work, allowing an even closer look into each individual and what is actually going on within its’ body and pinpointing what areas require attention before they become a dis-ease or cronic problem that is harder to treat or takes longer for rehabilitation/recovery.